Fueled By A Deep Technical Background

Dr. Alex Parlos (MIT PhD) served over 20 years as a Professor at Texas A&M University and performed research at Sandia National Laboratories. At Veros, Dr. Parlos has attracted leading experts in industrial machinery monitoring.

Veros has supplied over 1,000 units in factories around the globe. These systems provide access to real-world operating data, allowing the Company to continually improve its machine learning algorithms.

Market Leaders In Machine Monitoring

Jim Dechman (Harvard MBA) worked in manufacturing at Procter & Gamble and Union Carbide and has spent 20 years in the machinery monitoring space. His seasoned team has experience at AMD, Apple, Brocade and Polycom.

Veros has installations at key customers including Anadarko, Chevron, NRG, Samsung and Shell. The Company has established distribution relationships with global OEM’s Fluke and Siemens. Investors include Austin Ventures, Chevron Technology Ventures, LiveOak Venture Partners and Shell Technology Ventures.

Intelligent Data Analysis

Electrical Equipment Produce Rich Data
Nearly every industrial machine produces an electrical signature, either by consuming or generating electric power. That electrical signal is continuous, producing rich data which can be used for predicting future issues with your machinery.

Electrical Waveform Analysis Empowers Intelligence
Using edge measurements and processing, Veros combines rich electrical waveform data with machine learning and AI-based algorithms – leveraging over a decade of historical and event data – to provide predictive insights into machine operation and health, making the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) a reality.

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