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Make your machinery
more intelligent

Gain actionable insights on rotating
equipment reliability, performance and process
abnormalities using only electrical signal analytics.

About Us

Meaningful analytics
start with continuous
high-quality data

Analyzing massive amounts of low-frequency
data fails to address complex industrial issues.
Continuous high speed capture of rich electrical
signals provides required data fidelity.

Our Products

Operate at peak

Leverage 15 years of industrial event data gathered
from over 1,000 installations, advanced metrics
and machine learning analytics to ensure equipment
operates at maximum efficiency and reliability.

Industries We Serve

Increase uptime,
plan downtime

Proactively manage equipment maintenance
with predictive analysis and receive advance
warnings of impending failures.

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Veros Systems applies innovative data capture techniques and machine learning algorithms to electrical waveforms in industrial machines to continuously monitor rotating equipment health, gain real-time insights into operating performance and proactively predict failures. Enterprises implement Veros technology on a standalone monitoring platform, in the Cloud, or embedded within existing power distribution, metering and monitoring hardware to increase uptime, improve efficiency and optimize maintenance.

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