Veros ForeSight™

imageproductVeros ForeSight provides true insight into the performance and health of induction motor driven equipment. ForeSight populates a dashboard with real-time operating metrics and clear, early warnings about impending (motor, pump, compressor, fan, etc.) equipment failures, with zero false alarms. ForeSight utilizes the induction motor as its only sensor, connecting at the motor relay or drive panel to monitor electrical waveforms. ForeSight displays real-time operating information, such as efficiency, torque, load and power consumption, and installation is simple, fast and non-invasive.

Since ForeSight continuously monitors 300+ metrics about asset risk and performance, it can immediately see slight variations, accurately detect faults, predict failures, and provide alerts months in advance, early enough to plan and take action.

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Veros ForeSight Features

  • Electrical measurements only
  • Automated condition interpretation
  • Detection of mechanical and electrical faults
  • Display of real-time operating conditions
  • Mobile, email and SMS alarm notification
  • OPC compliant, fully networkable

Veros ForeSight Benefits

  • Displays a dashboard with real-time operating information, such as efficiency, torque, load and power consumption
  • Continuously monitors 300+ asset risk and performance metrics
  • Detects slight variations, accurately detects faults and predicts failures
  • Provides early warnings so you can plan and take action
  • Produces zero false alarms
  • Delivers peace of mind

Performance Monitoring


ForeSight provides real-time display of several critical metrics shown below to allow managers to better operate and manage their equipment:

  • Power quality
  • Mechanical Loading
  • Motor Efficiency
  • Torque
  • Power Consumption

Equipment Condition Monitoring
ForeSight continuously monitors equipment for defects and alarms months in advance of potential failures. With ForeSight, users can optimize their responses to impending issues, saving downtime and avoiding catastrophic incidents.

Representative faults detected by Foresight:

Pumps Motors
  • cavitation
  • partial/low flow
  • dry running
  • impeller damage
  • bearing damage
  • seal failures
  • stator shorts
  • over/under loading
  • bearing degradation
  • rotor bar/end ring cracks
  • external misalignment
  • stator eccentricity
Fans Compressors
  • impeller damage
  • bearing damage
  • unbalance/misalignment
  • impeller damage
  • bearing damage
  • unbalance/misalignment
How it Works

Easy, Non-Invasive Installation

resizedimage300219-splitcoretransformersVeros ForeSight is easy to install, non-invasive, and self-learning. The system interfaces at the Motor Control Center (MCC) and gets to work. Installation takes 90 minutes at motor switches or the VFD enclosure. Just clamp the current transformers on motor lines or relays and connect to bus secondary voltages or motor side VFD conductors, enter motor nameplate information, and turn it on. ForeSight requires no configuration.

Powerful, Proprietary Algorithms

The software uses high frequency electrical measurements and statistical signal processing algorithms based on nonlinear regression and correlation methods, and on machine learning algorithms to arrive at key metrics used to detect and track mechanical problems developing in the entire power train.


The source of information for mechanical fault detection is in the air gap flux variations. Depending on the nature of developing mechanical problems, the radial, axial and azimuthal (or torsional) variations in the motor air gap magnetic field produce corresponding distortions in the motor current.

Electrical problems are detected by empirically developing and tracking system impedance models. Classification and isolation of faults is accomplished by a combination of machine learning methods based on classifiers and specific spectral fingerprints of faults.



The Veros ForeSight system architecture is simple but powerful. An OPC based interface allows the system to communicate asset intelligence to historians and other business software. A web based user interface allows end-users to receive alerts and other drill-down intelligence about monitored assets. Alarms can be delivered to end-users via e-mails, text messages and/or phone calls on an event driven basis. Veros ForeSight has a distributed architecture meaning an unlimited number of assets can be monitored.



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